It doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong. I swear to the God whom you calling, and sacrifice yourself in the name of Him. This path that you've taken is going nowhere, and that is how your story is going to end. Who is really right? It's all confusing in these days. It looks like there are differences between my God and yours!! How could your God be the source of beauty and purity, and meanwhile be the excuse for killing and pillaging? How do we talk about God's mercy and forgiveness?, when, in the name of Him, you kill innocent people all the time? How do we worship the God who is unique, when you've broken us into thousands pieces? And you introduced Islam in a bad way with your misinterpreting and abusing from it. How do we can walk with our heads up in non Islamic countries? When in the name of Him, you brutally massacre innocent people around the world? You ruined millions lives of innocent people in the name of Him, and none of you even considers the possibility of being wrong.

Every side in the world is only shouting, and the only thing we hear is: God is great!

You're not Muslim, stop abusing Islam, and not in our name!! Let's us introduce our religion as it's and walk on the streets without shame and with our heads up.