De 185 elevene på Songdalen ungdomsskole satt fredag klistret foran scenen i skolens aula der den årvisse Talentiaden ble arrangert.

– Dette var "close race", her kunne hvem som helst ha vunnet, opplyser elevrådsleder Malene Hauan Jensen. Hun går i 10c, og hadde fredag gleden av å annonsere hvem juryen hadde funnet verdige til å vinne Talentiaden 2016.

– Vinnerne av årets Talentiade fremstår som veldig troverdige. Øvd godt, god rim og rytme, og så har de laget teksten selv.

Dermed ble vinnerne, Moumen og Feridon, kalt opp på scenen igjen for å fremføre vinnerbidraget nok en gang.

– Vi begynte på mandag med å skrive teksten. Totalt brukte vi rundt fem timer på den, sier de glade vinnere etter å ha mottatt sjekken på 1000 kroner fra kommunen.

Her er sangen deres:

I`m 15 years old boy and I`m seeking a dream

And this is my brother searching for peace

I am sorry for what`s happening in the Middle east

Sorry I can`t help you to seek peace

All I can do is talk about you

You need to know I feel your pain

It`s not about pity, hands out or sympathy

it`s about pride, respect, honor and dignity

This is for every country in the Middle East

It`s sad to see your suffer through American democracy

They say it`s for the people, it` obviously not

I still can`t believe what they did in Iraq

Killed a million Iraqis and calledit liberation

They only liberated the oil and the gas

Soon when the war is over

They want it all back

These days media has murdered reality

The things Id say or even do to see your faces again

I got these struggles and these problems fighting deep within

My brother tell me, what are wedoing wrong these days?

I actually got nothing to say

All this bullshit started with Saddam Hussein

That`s crazy, they call us terrorist

But the problem is that they don`t know what terror is

Most people don`t like

They don`t even take their time to think about it

But still they call us terrorists

It`s not fair


Lets compare the facts

Who`s Invading who`s country

and who`s children wait for food hungry?

I wish I have someone by my side

Before they take away my pride


We are still brothers

Even tho we don`t look like each other

Doesn`t matter if you`re Christian or if you´re a Jew

You respect us, We respect you

You might not agree with everything we said

But I hope we can agree

It`s sad to hear about new born babies

In Syria that will never see their mothers again

We made this track for you

So you can open your eyes and see truth

One day every empire will fall

We need a revolution

It will mean blood, and will mean pain

But it can be us who bring that change

Elevrådsleder Malene Hauan Jensen sammen med vinnerne av Talentiaden 2016 på SUS, Feridon Taheri og Moumen Azimeh. Foto: Klarta Turid Fidje Frettun